Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been too busy to write. So now you get five posts rolled into one! Lucky you!

The little assholes children never came to the door. I realized later that, as it was a Wednesday, trick-or-treating was probably scheduled for Saturday. Peter didn't care.

 Peter is the original grump
But I was dressed as a medieval maiden. Peter went as Tommy Lee Jones a Man in Black. He won't let me post pictures because he refuses to have fun.
But here, have one of me!
And then we watched "Hellboy" and I ate all the Twix. It was great. Exactly sixty-six percent of the household had a good time, if you include the puppy.
Fancypants Marine Ball
Peter doesn't understand what smiling is
There is, apparently, a whole world of party dances! The Electric Slide was not played once and half the songs had some kind of freakish assigned choreography. It was an experience in sociology. The sociology of hippity-hop.
Also, the bartender made me a vodka and Sprite. And by that I mean he kind of waved the Sprite over it so the glass could absorb the general ambiance. Since it was about three shots in one go, I decided to just have the one. Peter called me a chicken, because he doesn't know that you can be a fun and likable person whilst sober.
I did not cause an incident. We were all shocked.
Dungeons and Flagons
I got to wear the medieval dress again! :D I tried to charm a lady, failed, and woke up hungover in punishment for my efforts. Also there was shopping cart jousting, which is just as violent as it sounds.
No one died. We were all shocked.
More posts to come later, including Adventures with Chris and Conversations with Peter.

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  1. That lady you failed to charm must have been very dumb.