Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This particular shenanigan started about three days before I actually got out of the apartment. The lovely Emmy, hatcher of plans, realized that, with three of us being in neighboring states, we could actually hang out!

Of course, that would mean leaving the internet, but we could be brave little soldiers.

So we shipped Adam and Caz from Florida to the DC suburbs, and spent the weekend together!

Not pictured- Suzanne and Adam

You cannot even comprehend the sheer amount of hugging that happened. Or drinking. We were just a great big mushy puddle of love and intoxication. And chicken masala. Holy crap. I may have to get adopted by Suzanne, just for the cooking.

My Sip-a-saurus was baptized with wine. He continues to be unnamed.
Saturday morning (well, approximately. Post breakfast quiche and morning snuggles and incredible amounts of coffee), we went to downtown DC to see the Natural History Museum (FINALLY! HOLY SHIT. IT ONLY TOOK A FUCKING MONTH TO GET THERE) and the Vietnam memorial.
You can call me Hermione
I even made animal friends! I was a real-life Disney princess. It was magical. I even burst into song on the sidewalk.

I named the squirrel George
Also this happened-
That night, we had Thanksgiving dinner. In October. Before Halloween. It was glorious.
And then I died.


  1. You didn't die. We just had to leave. But we will do it again, soon, only slightly differently.

    ALL the snuggles! SO many feels! And ALLLLLL the loves!

  2. So. Much. Fun. Even if I was a little cranky because my back hurt.
    All the loves!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time!