Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dragon Con Eve


So, I was hysterically unprepared for this DCon.

I realized "oh, shit that's next week?" when I looked at the calendar. With all the crappiness and misery of my life, I kinda forgot.


So I've been frantically airing out previous costumes (even though I wanted to do a Yumi cosplay. Sadface.), buying two weekend passes (happy birthday, Mom!), making a schedule and a packing list (I will only be there during the day, but a girl has to be prepared), and running around in panicky circles.

But I made it. Tomorrow is Friday. I should have gone to sleep an hour and a half ago, but I'm too excited.

The day started with me trekking down to the airport to greet the lovely Weishan, with her manservant Chris. Chris, as some of you know, has been my best friend for innumerable years (really it's more like four, but that seems to cheapen it). I was forced to watch them be googly at each other for about an hour. I regretted not bringing a spray bottle. Hey, it works on cats...

Also we were not labelled terrorists or interrogated by security. Shocking, when you consider I was lost and wandering for the first half hour of my being there and that we caused no less than four public scenes. However, Chris did deserve to be punched for that Holocaust joke, and the bystanders were merely jealous of my impromptu sign-making abilities.

After receiving food (I expected nothing less from the woman who made me gain ten pounds in one week), I headed back up to Atlanta to await my mother's arrival from Savannah.

Within the first five minutes of waiting, I ran into Garrett Wang. When I say ran into, I mean that pretty literally. I took ballet for ten years, that doesn't mean I was good at it. Anyway, we chatted and he was super nice and easy-going and fun to talk to (as usual, since this is the fifth DCon we have both been at and I have made an effort to talk to him every time).

He also told me to apply for a job at Trek Track.

I think I died a little.

Well, that would CERTAINLY keep me in Atlanta for a little while longer...