Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well, firstly and most importantly, I was only actually costumed on Friday. I made a half-hearted effort on Monday, but mostly I just wore street clothes.


Notice the wire elf ears! Notice them now, for you will never see them again! I managed to keep track of them all day, until about fifteen minutes before I went home. Then they were lost, never to be seen again. I had assumed they were in my bag, but I was mistaken. Infinite sadness. At least I have a picture of them?

Also, I ran into Garrett Wang a grand total of three separate times in three separate locations. I have no idea how Life managed this, except that Life has an absurdist sense of humor.

I took some photos of panels, but they are mostly all spectacularly crappy. Maybe I should invest in an actual camera, rather than just using my phone... Anyway, I went to some awesome (and a couple of not-so-awesome) panels. Richard Dean Anderson, some people from True Blood (my mother is obsessed with that show. I blame Twilight.), Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn, Patricia Quinn (who was delightfully smashed for her panel), Juliet Landau, James Marsters, and several discussion-based panels.
MIchael Dorn showed up on time for his panel. He made some disparaging comments about Frakes and his ability to tell time, when lo and behold! Someone jumped up from the back and started asking personal, embarrassing, and inappropriate questions! He would not be silenced! He demanded detailed answers! He was Jonathan Frakes!

And then they ignored all legitimate questions and just started singing through their favorite musicals together. It was fairly wonderful.

The last night, kilt blowing happened! Don't know what that is? Well, you take a kilt. Specifically, a man wearing a kilt. And then you get a leaf blower...

Pretty much the most SFW photo I took

There was also a surprise, actual, wedding at the end. Yay, Dragon Con, where that is completely normal.

Every Con, I allow myself one splurge. Two years it has been corsets, last year it was a dress, and this year was a KILT.

At some point, I will enlist a photographer friend to do a mini-shoot of the kilt, because it is AWESOME.

And then I went home and slept for two days straight.

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